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The United Nations Environment Programme

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

After some technical difficulties the UNEP GC started off some six minutes late - very much to the appreciation of a few late delegations - and began with the introduction of both the chairs and delegates, as well as a kahoot quiz about the life and personal interests of the chairs. Due to restrictions on the number of participants some interesting alliances could be seen between nations previously opposed: for one the UK and Turkey could be seen cooperating, but the most curious team of the day must certainly have been the USA and Vietnam, for, unlike UK and Turkey, they do not share a common alliance like the EU.

But apparently neither team was sufficiently into Taylor Swift to correctly answer enough of the questions and the single-use-punishment-pass went to the winning team of Thailand, Sweden and Spain.

Things would stay interesting as the house moved on to lobbying! Here several groups formed around various problems: the financial backing of the transfer to renewable resources and reducing consumption for one. How can nations be sanctioned and rewarded? How do you get the richest of nations to share their wealth? Another was the support of nations whose economy heavily relies on fossile fuels to keep the country alive - but how can those nations develop under these new, more difficult circumstances? Even a league of multiple nations formed as a counterweight to the perceived dominance of the European Union.

After lunch things got more detailed. Who will co-submit, hold speeches for and against were beingdiscussed, as well as biodiversity and sharing water.

We wish the delegates a productive and cooperating debate and are expecting the final resolution with joy.


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