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The “Digital Daily Diplomat” - the new version of the printed OLMUN newspaper “Daily Diplomat”.
On the OLMUN blog readers can find articles about the proceedings before OLMUN and at the conference, interviews with delegates and organizers of the OLMUN and breaking news.
The first edition “The Daily Diplomat - pandemic edition” was created in 2020 when the conference couldn’t take place due to COVID19. But it wasn’t only a substitute for the printed version, it was the beginning of the new OLMUN blog. Online articles will make it easier for readers from all over the world to read articles 24/7 and saving paper will have a positive effect on the environment.

The Press Team of the OLMUN will provide brand new OLMUN news and will keep readers updated about the OLMUN all year.



Chiefs of Press 2023

Former Chief of Press 2022

Website Management

Nina Lüttke and Maike Bergfeld

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