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An impression of the evening activities

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Just like in the previous years, various evening activities took place this year as well. Participants had the chance to get to know each other and have fun together. Due to COVID-19 the OLMUN couldn’t take place entirely in person and most of the evening activities also happened online. The dresscode was lifted for the evening activities and the delegates were able to wear more casual outfits. Additionally, this year’s evening activities were special, because the usual OLMUN schedule was switched up. Instead of the typical barbecue, football game and party as evening activities the organizers came up with something new.

For the first night a quiz night was planned. It started with interesting questions about the OLMUN and the United Nations from which the delegates could learn about the organization they are a part of and imitating. They got to know about the background and origin of the event they were attending. After everyone quizzed about the OLMUN and the UN, they were testing their knowledge of fun facts. The participants had a lot of fun thinking about answers to the questions.

On Wednesday the game night followed the quiz night. Everyone was randomly divided into small groups that played various games among themselves. Among them were Gartic phone and Codenames. Partially, with much excitement and high expectations, the soccer matches of the European Football Championship that were taking place at the time were also followed. Despite the different ages and personalities, exciting and nice conversations were created. Everyone had the chance to meet new people and exchange ideas with them. It was a fun and successful evening.

On Thursday night the organizing team prepared something special for the last evening of the OLMUN 2021: A show night. The Secretariat took over the moderation of the evening and our President of the General Assembly Tristan Leoluca Farinella turned out to be quite a comedian! After hearing about the Secretary Generals farm and seeing cute pictures of her cows, we all want to visit her and cuddle with the cables. After that a video of the secretariat playing “Who would rather” was shown as well as another funny video of the secretariat in action. After some more socializing all people danced Macarena together.

Although this year's evening activities were a new experience for everyone, they worked out really well and were entertaining for all participants.


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