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Breaking the Ice at the WHA

This year's WHA committee got off to an unconventional start on Tuesday morning.

When the delegates entered the congress hall at the "Landesmuseum", they were surprised to find that no tables were provided for them. Regardless of that, the committee session could start on time with the role call.

To start the committee session, the chairs began by introducing themselves with silly pictures, which helped loosen the formal attire to a more joyful atmosphere. The delegates were then asked to get into pairs and choose three hashtags that they believed to describe them best and then form groups with another pair to introduce themselves. As the groups of delegates mixed among each other, lively chatter filled the room. 

Afterwards, the delegates stood up one by one and introduced themselves to the whole group by sharing their name, age and pronoun, as well as where they were from and their three chosen hashtags. As some of the delegates realized they were from the same hometown, one could see their faces light up.  

The introduction of the delegates was put on hold by the morning show. Despite some technical difficulties while playing the video, the Chairs kept the good mood going with some jokes. Because of that, a relaxed and familiar atmosphere was set for three great days of speeches and debates for the delegates. 

Written by Vincent Koch, Alexander Van der Post, Lena Koopmann



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