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First sessions in UN Women

Updated: Jun 24, 2022


The first session of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women committee started with the chairs, Anna Siebels and Christopher Hoyer, introducing themselves and playing several little games to help the delegates get to know each other.

Delegates of different countries then expressed their point of view regarding the specific topic “Ensuring women’s rights in developing countries” by holding their policy statements. Aspects like creating awareness, sexual education, as well as financial sources were mentioned due to the fact that gender equality is an expensive issue.

In general, it became apparent that awareness plays a leading role in this debate due to the perception women and girls have about themselves. Having access to education and therefore being able to go to school provides an opportunity for being more independent and gaining more self-esteem and confidence.

After the lunch break, the committee listened to guest speaker Brigitta Hahn from the organization „Terre des Femmes“ („world of women“), via a zoom call, which mainly advocates for basic human rights for women. Hahn not only presented her association but also provided the delegates with information and numbers on sexual assault and the current situation in Sierra Leone where a lot of women face genital mutilation. „Terre des Femmes“ has launched projects to work against that.

Moreover, regarding the atmosphere during the presentation of the various speeches, the members of the committee acted politely and ambitiously.

It is also worth including that the chairs announced that leaving the room when the Russian delegation speaks would be inappropriate.

On Thursday the delegates’ punishments, having to dance in front of the others, were executed for either being late or not addressing themselves in the third person.


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