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Get to know Oldenburg

As for most of you the city of Oldenburg is entirely new, a few fun facts and pieces of advice might not harm you in order to ease your short residence.

Perhaps you have already noticed that, in contrast to many other cities, bicycles play a big role in Oldenburg. This is not only because of the nice weather, but also because of the fact that Oldenburg does not obtain any big mountains and is therefore very very flat – perfect conditions for cycling. For this reason Oldenburg is Germany’s number one cycling city. Even many people from Oldenburg themselves are unaware of this fact. E-scooters are often used as

well. All you need is to be older than 16 years and register in the appropriate app.

The OLMUN has been held in Oldenburg for 22 years. It is structured in such a way that there are so-called “Committee Sessions” with “lunch breaks” in between. During these breaks you can go to our city center – by the way, Germany's oldest pedestrian zone - to buy something to eat, drink or simply to relax. With your badge you’ll get a discount at Hans im Glück (Lange

Straße 76), Woyton (e.g. Harenstraße 56), Frizz (Schütting Straße 11) and Hardy's (Achternstraße 62). And even if you're not hungry, you can sit in the Schlosspark and just enjoy your free time with some friends.

The Schlosspark is known for its magnificent swans. But be aware, they can bite. So better keep a little distance from them.

Momentarily we are very lucky with the weather during this OLMUN as, normally, Oldenburg is known for its frequent rain. So enjoy the sun and the long evenings but always remember to stay hydrated with our OLMUN Cup, which you can find in our merch.


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