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Interviewing a delegate from Oldenburg - Janna Hinrichs

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Janna and I’m from Oldenburg. Right now I’m in the United Nations Environment Programme committee representing Canada!

How did you get to know the OLMUN?

In ninth grade I travelled to Russia and went to the SPIMUN there. It was the first time I participated at a MUN and the experience was quite overwhelming. After that I started being a part of the OLMUN as well and I am happy to be back this year after unfortunately there wasn't a conference last year!

What was your motivation for applying as a delegate?

At first I was really fascinated because I didn’t know much about the UN since you don’t learn a lot about it in school. I wanted to see how everything works and how the politicians are able to come up with resolutions and laws that are supposed to resolve issues. When I then saw how everything works with the voting procedures and all I really liked it and decided to apply as a delegate.

What is the most challenging part of being a delegate in your opinion?

When you first start it is difficult to take part in the discussions because there are some really dominant countries and very active delegates so you kind of have to find your way of bringing your country's opinion into the debate. Another challenging part is that when you participate you need to represent your country’s opinion and not your own personal opinion. That is especially difficult if you represent a rather critically claimed country.

What advice would you give new delegates?

Try to just get into your country’s opinion, be openminded and open about new topics and new people!


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