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Updated: May 4

The OLMUN is the largest student-organized MUN in Europe. This year, not only we, but the whole world, were shaken by the crisis surrounding the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19. Even if life continued more or less normal for many, the crisis has nevertheless done great damage on many levels. We also had to feel the enormous impact of the crisis. Unfortunately, for reasons of infection protection, we cancelled this year's OLMUN conference. But we did not want our participants to fall into a hole without replacement. That is why we initiated the OLMUN@home experience for all those who would otherwise have participated in the OLMUN.

The teams were able to choose from the topics on our agenda – and with the help of the Secretariat and the Chairs they were able to create a poster after simulating certain part of a Model United Nations conference.

After the deadline, the Secretariat and the Chairs took a look at the posters and voted for the one they liked best. The Secretariat ultimately decided to reward three posters:

The poster with the most votes was… Regulating the Distribution of Medical Painkillers and Opioids by Rafaela Pereira Braz, Maximilian Berchner and Eva Reisig!

The poster with the second most votes was: Protecting Marine Rescue as a Human Right for Migrants and Refugees by Nora Grumpe, Katharina Kühne, Petra, Nila Minneker, Harrison Krampe and Lorena Simunic.

And the poster with the third most votes was: Securing Indigenous Ways of Life in a Globalised World by Milan Hoffmann, Carl Oedingen and Lea Marie Brieger.

We thank all people for participating and hope that you enjoyed the OLMUN@home experience. We are sincerely hoping for an in-person conference in 2021. In three separate posts, we will introduce the posters!

Anne zur Horst


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