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Regulating the Distribution of Medical Painkillers and Opioids

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

In the following, you will learn more about the Special Conference in general (described by the chairs of the committee), on the topic and possible resolutions (based upon the work of the OLMUN@home participants). The poster was created by three pupils from Quirinus Gymnasium Neuss: Rafaela Pereira Braz, Maximilian Berchner and Eva Reisig.

The Special Conference (SpC) is a committee in which a huge variety of topics can be discussed. International issues that affect various fields are explored in this committee. Think about topics that put a light on class differences, corruption, racism, the environment and so much more. The problems at hand are of high urgency and international importance. Because the topics in the SpC are so wide, different thinking frames are possible. This generates a pool of different perspectives and thus, different solutions.

The poster sheds light upon various things – starting with the definition and the global situation. Afterwards, the situation in three chosen countries is highlighted. Then, different solutions are presented and finally, a small resolution was created.

See for yourself what our winning team has accomplished!

Anne zur Horst


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