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Role and Importance of the GA1st

The “General Assembly First Committee,” or GA1st, deals with debating disarmament, nonproliferation, arms control, and international security issues. It is otherwise known as the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). Founded in 1945, it is one of the six original main committees of the United Nations. Due to this, its main goal lies in providing security and structure around the globe.

Most of the topics discussed are of utmost importance to the international community. Because of this and its role as a principal organ of the UN, each of the 194 member states is represented and has an equal vote. At present, the GA1st is located within its headquarters in New York City.

The topic of this year's GA1st is “Preventing Illicit Financing of Armed Conflict.”

During an interview with Barbora Dvorakova, a Chair of this year's GA1st, she talked about the importance of the GA1st in OLMUN as well as the differences between the simulation and the real UN.

It’s her third time attending the conference and her first time as a Chair. She chose to chair this committee because it's one of the few that discusses the topic of armed conflicts and she deems that the most important one.

While the Security Council also talks about these conflicts, the GA1st allows more discussion, whereas the Security Council is more enclosed.

She mentioned that the only difference between the real GA1st and our simulation lies within the few parts of the gossip box, the cookie breaks, and the punishments. She praised her delegates for being professional and prepared.

By Damaris Poppen, Femke Peters.


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