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The "Icebreaker" of the Arctic Council

Updated: Jun 24, 2022


Like all committees, the Arctic Council had its first session at 9 o’clock on Wednesday. After all the delegates had arrived the chairs, Younes El Guernaoui and Rasmus Conrad, started the conference with an icebreaker to help the delegates to get to know each other. They brought a piece of “real arctic ice” and the delegates were supposed to break the ice with a hammer. While it was very entertaining it also perfectly demonstrated the committee’s topic “Protecting the Natural Ecosystem of the Arctic Areas and it's Indigenous People”.

After they had broken the ice, literally, the delegates were split up into pairs to introduce themselves to a partner and to present each other in front of the whole committee afterwards.

The chairs had also prepared a quiz for their delegates to test their knowledge of countries and their flags. In the end, the delegate of the United States won after a tight finale against the delegation of Finland.

All 12 delegates had to hold their policy statements in alphabetical order. After that, they had the opportunity to hold another speech and could decide whether other delegates were allowed to ask further questions or express their opinion on what has been said.

On Thursday, the day started out with a seven-minute yoga session to have a productive day. Afterwards, they continued with the usual procedure of debating and working out resolutions.


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