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Press team 2020

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The OLMUN 2020 is canceled, that much was clear for a long time now, but that does not mean the IC members´ job is done already?

We, the press team, are still able to perform our original task (with a few adjustments) and bring to you “The Daily Diplomat – pandemic edition“!

Image by Robin Runge

This revolution in the OLMUN 's newsletter is possible because the newspaper was converted completely into the digital format, originally to meet our goals of being more environmental-friendly from this year onward. Now all the future articles can be published on this blog, making the press team's job still relevant and enabling you to read the OLMUN newspaper from home!

So who are we? Well, the press team consists of the chief of press and the journalists. This year we have two chiefs of press: Janna Griem and Cosima Scherbening. While that is nothing unusual, the journalists will all be IC-members this year! Since we had to let go of all staff, we had to improvise and with the help of experienced IC-members we were able to create an IC-press team!

Due to the lack of a conference this year, we will have to improvise what the following articles will be about so we are open to any kind of topic wishes/recommendation, so feel free to contact us!

Stay safe and alert for upcoming articles.

Chief of Press

Cosima Scherbening & Janna Griem


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