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Thursdays committee session at the UNEP

Today at UNEP, it was time to present and discuss the resolutions that were negotiated yesterday. After re-establishing some of the house rules and reminding everyone that English is the main language during the OLMUN, an entertaining warm-up session and the morning show lightened the mood for the delegates. To ensure that all speakers would be well prepared for the upcoming discussions, a short unmoderated caucus of 15 minutes was set during which the delegates received copies of the resolutions.

Then it was time for the discussion of the first resolution, which was presented by the main submitter, the delegate of Egypt. The delegate read out his demands, held a short explanatory speech, and answered a few Points of Information. This was followed by speeches both in favor of and against the resolution, and amendments were submitted to change the resolution. Until the lunch break, heated discussions were held, and the first voting procedures of this year's UNEP took place.

Before the break started, a few delegates

had to dance to “I Got a Feeling” as punishment. After the lunch break was over, the second committee session began, but not before a group picture was taken outside of the Core. In the following debate session, one more amendment was able to pass before the vote on the resolution as a whole began, which in the end did not pass.

Next up was the resolution of the delegate of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before the discussion began, the delegate held an explanatory speech and answered Points of Information. The discussion went on for about three hours and included dozens of speeches by the delegates. Today’s discussion ended with a vote on the resolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which required a Motion to Split the House. Sadly, in the end, the resolution failed to pass with a vote of 27 to 38.

However, a good committee session cannot end without a few punishments, which is exactly what happened. The chosen delegates had the honor of singing “Hips Don’t Lie” in front of the committee. With that inspiring karaoke show, today’s session at the UNEP ended.

By Alexander van der Post, Lena Koopmann, Vincent Koch


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