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Dancing the night away

After the second day of committee sessions, the participants were able to join the last evening activity for this year's OLMUN. The festivities began at the Gleispark, where delegates and staff gathered as the sun began to set. The Gleispark provided the perfect setting for delegates to unwind and socialize. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the location was soon filled with laughter and conversations. It was the perfect location to relax from a busy day and strengthen your newly formed friendships. Participants were also able to help themselves with a wide selection of drinks and food, which could be purchased from small stands. In addition, intense table tennis matches were played in small teams.

As the night progressed, the event transitioned to the location of the Amadeus, which is one of Oldenburg’s most popular clubs. The dance floor quickly filled up with cheerful OLMUN participants, enjoying the music played by DJ Fave and Luis Vanille. Furthermore, participants formed a lively circle on the dance floor, with delegates cheering as individuals took turns showcasing their dance moves in the center. Thanks to all the helpers, especially the engagement of the trust persons, everyone felt welcome and the OLMUN community formed a strong bond. The laughter and happy faces were evidence of a successful event that the participants will remember for a long time.


by Alexander Heyn, Jorin Maris Meyer


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