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OLMUN tips and tricks

OLMUN 2024 is finally here! Whether you are a first-time OLMUN participant, or you already have experience, it is important to keep the basic rules and manners in mind. While it can be tedious to remember everything important, this guide will help you to have an enjoyable OLMUN. Without further ado, here are some things to always keep in mind:

  • Remember to conform to the dress code, as OLMUN is a simulation of a formal UN conference and as such formal clothes conforming with the dress code are in order!

  • Please only speak in English, especially since there are delegates from other countries that might not speak your native language. We want no one to feel excluded in a conversation, this way everyone can enjoy their time at OLMUN and form connections.

  • During committee sessions, remember to stay quiet when someone else is talking to not disturb the discussion taking place.

  • While you don’t necessarily have to partake in the discussion, it is advised to give yourself the push you need if you are unsure whether to participate. So, go out there and talk your heart out!

  • Always remember that you are representing your designated country. Instead of using “I” and talking about your own opinion, use “we” or “the delegate of [your country]” and talk about the views of the country you represent!

  • The evening activities will be informal and voluntary gatherings where you can let loose and meet people from committees other than your own. This is the time to have fun and make friends while enjoying the different activities provided. So don’t be reserved and come enjoy them too!

  • OLMUN is a giant conference with hundreds of people participating, so it is easy to get lost and feel uncomfortable. If a situation like that occurs, don’t feel reserved and talk to a trust person, recognizable through the pink batch they are wearing.


With these tips in mind, you are ready to start the OLMUN week and have as much fun as possible. If you are still unsure of anything, feel free to reach out to any member of the IC and they will try their best to help you.


by Jan Grauer


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