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Our Sponsors

The organization of OLMUN is not only very labour-intensive but also a financial burden. To help us cover the financial costs, we are in need of sponsors. This is why we’re incredibly grateful for all of our sponsors.

Among them, one can find a multitude of restaurants where—just by showing your OLMUN badge—any participant may enjoy many generous discounts. This is especially of interest during the lunch break when many of you are in the city centre, as this is the perfect place to energise yourself.

“Woyton” is the best opportunity for a quick snack, such as cake or brownies, or a warm beverage. They also offer hot meals such as bagels or soup. If you have time, you can sit down in the café; if you don’t and need to hurry back to your committee session, you can also take your order to go. After showing your badge, you get a 10% discount on your order.

Another option for a quick meal is “Frizz.” They sell a multitude of French fries. Moreover, they have a collection of different sauces which are all free with your discount!

When you have more time, for example before an evening activity or after the closing ceremony, we recommend the restaurant “Extrablatt” in Langestraße. They have a variety of delicious food and great drinks. You can get free soft drinks with certain meals, such as burgers, Currywurst, or Schnitzel.

Right next to it is “Anton Kneipe.” When showing your badge, you get free soft drinks or spritzer with most dishes. They’re most popular for their burgers, potato dishes, bowls, and burritos.

The restaurants “Hans im Glück” and “L’Osteria” give you a 10% discount on your lunch. “Hans im Glück” is most known for its delicious burgers and often surprises with special lunch offers in addition to the discount. “L’Osteria” is an Italian restaurant with pizza and pasta. The venue is an older building where you can sit inside and appreciate the atmosphere. If you don’t have much time, you can also take your pizza with you.

These are just a few examples. There are other foodspots in Oldenburg that were kind enough to support us and you can look at them on the map above. As an alternative, you can also scan the QR code in the conference guide, which will add the locations of all restaurants (and committees) to your Google Maps.

One of our biggest supporters is the coworking space “Core.” It is a model of the sustainable revitalization of the city centre. It stands for networking and cooperation due to the various offerings such as the “Markthalle,” where you can both eat and relax or the possibility of renting offices and party spaces. Founded in 2021 and representing creativity, openness, and equality, OLMUN fits perfectly into their values. This wasn’t the only reason why “Core” was interested in supporting our conference. They hope that students gain new impressions and they also see OLMUN as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the delegates.

By Lina-Marie Hattendorf, Julia Weingärtner, Rebecca Nannen


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