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The data and statistics of the OLMUN 2021

The OLMUN 2021 welcomes about 250 delegates. The students participating at the OLMUN 2021 are from 30 different German and international schools. In recent years about 800 students including many international participants were a part of the OLMUN conference in Oldenburg and the OLMUN always encourages the participation of students from various countries. Due to COVID19 the OLMUN 2020 had to be cancelled for the first time and this year’s OLMUN is still influenced by the pandemic. Considering the circumstances less students than usual are participating but still quite a few students will be delegates in this year’s conference.

The OLMUN 2021 can provide two in-person committees for delegates from Oldenburg, all other delegates will participate in the online conference. The two committees taking place in person are the United Nations Environment Programme Governing Council (UNEP GC) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 29 delegates from Oldenburg will have the change to participate in person and can at least partially feel the typical OLMUN spirit.

The in-person committees are comparatively small to comply with the COVID19 regulations of the conference, so the online committees offer more space for international students. The biggest committee at the 2021 conference is the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) hosting 42 delegates. The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) will have 38 delegates participating in the committee’s discussions and the Special Conference (SpC) 36 students. The Human Rights Council (HRC) and the United Nation Women (UN Women) will each have 30 delegates trying to find resolutions to their specific topics. The Security Council will offer 15 delegates the chance to debate about their specific issue and get to know each other.

Interesting to see is also the wide range of nationalities of this year’s chairs and delegates. Of the about 250 delegates, 146 students are German. The second largest number of students (26) are from the Netherlands. They are followed by 23 Turkish delegates. 8 delegates are Indonesian, 6 Czech and 2 Italian. Even more nationalities of the delegates are displayed in the pie chart.

Most chairs at the OLMUN 2021 are from Germany as well. Anya Deshpande, who will lead the ECOSOC and Julie Hunze, Chair of the COPUOS are dutch. Herdem Yas Bölukbasi is from Turkey and will be the Chair of the Special Conference.


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