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The first sessions in the Human Rights Council

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The first session of the United Nation Human Rights Council started with the Chairs, Alma Kühl and Tessa Frobeninus, introducing themselves and playing little “icebreaker” games in order to let the delegates and staff get to know each other.

Subsequently, the delegates then presented their policy statements regarding the committee’s topic “Fighting against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking as a Violation of Human Rights”. It came to the fore that human rights are essential for an individual's dignity, which needs to be protected. It also became apparent that freedom, consciousness, equality, as well as tolerance, seem to play a big role in this particular discussion. The Delegates will now need to work together to take action immediately to fight against modern slavery and make necessary changes.

Then, fun activities followed, such as punishments for, among other things, being late in the form of a candy eating competition.

In the next segment, the delegates were given a couple of hours for lobbying in order to find a resolution. In three groups, each one of the Delegations developed a different kind of resolution, regarding modern slavery and human trafficking.

We can certainly expect some solution proposals in the following two days.


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