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Introducing The Secretariat

Every year OLMUN is organized by a group of high school students called the Inner Circle. They take care of crucial tasks before and during the conference.

Throughout this process, they are led by the so-called Secretariat. Every year a new election process is held by the OLMUN association's main assembly to choose the new executive board. The Secretariat consists of noticeable students, who have usually been student officers or Chairs in previous conferences and, therefore have a lot of experience and the perfect skill set to manage their tasks.

We asked the Secretariat members to present themselves and their individual tasks:

Secretary General (Philipp Bruhns):

As head of the conference, I am responsible for all the planning and decision-making happening in advance as well as coordinating our Student Officers and Inner Circle. Although often mistaken with my position, most of the contents of the committee sessions and all training of chairs is actually done by the President of the General Assembly, and my job there is limited to ensuring suitable venues and supplies. However, I’ll of course stay in contact with as many participants as possible, when I'm not busy dealing with any logistical or organizational issues. In addition to my position as Secretary General, I am chairman of OLMUN e.V., the underlying legal entity behind all of this.

Deputy Secretary General (Emily Roshop):

My main task is to assist Philipp in all of his duties and to act as a contact person for the Inner Circle. This includes planning the premises for OLMUN, looking after the student officers and communicating with the various schools. Furthermore, I write the proceedings to all the meetings of the Inner Circle.

President of the General Assembly (Lenja Hinrichs):

My position mainly consists of planning and handling the proceedings within the conference. The committees, the topics discussed, and the delegations included, instructing the Chairs and leading the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. As a member of the Secretariat I am furthermore part of general planning as well as my specific position's responsibilities.

Deputy President of the General Assembly (Lada Blech):

Along with Lenja, my responsibilities lie in managing the allocation of delegations, instructing and preparing our chairs and planning the Opening and Closing Ceremony, Furthermore, I help with general preparations and sorting out (small) crises.

Treasurer (Mika Niederheide):

I am the deputy chairman of the organization behind OLMUN, and part of the Secretariat due to my position as Treasurer. As Treasurer I am responsible for our finances. While I am not entitled to make every decision regarding our budget on my own, I am the first person you should contact if you have any questions regarding your school's invoice, sponsorships or other matters related to finances. Due to the way decisions are made in the Secretariat, which often involves a majority vote, and the fact that many tasks are not specifically assigned to a position, I am heavily involved in general preparations as well.


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