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Introducing the Secretariat 2023

With the OLMUN of 2023 coming up, a new secretariat has been elected to assume the responsibility of organizing the 22nd conference. The Inner Circle has said goodbye to Secretary General Jelto Heykants, his deputy Annelie Kostka, President of the General Assembly Per Pagnia, his deputy Kian Assent and Treasurer Claas Kämpf.

The new secretariat is composed of noticeable students, who have already been involved in past conferences. Additionally, they have shown that they possess the experience and capabilities to take on the task of leading this years OLMUN.

The first member of the new secretariat is General Secretary Amélie Vocke. She first participated in 2019 and has been a member of the Inner Circle since 2020. She showcased her ability to take responsibility within the Inner Circle by taking on the tasks of different Student Officer positions every year, the most recent one being Chief of Press.

At her side is Deputy Nina Hempel. She helped Amélie in the position of Chief of Press in the OLMUN 2022. Since they have worked together in the past, they are a well coordinated team.

The President of the General Assembly of the OLMUN 2023 will be Mika Niederheide. He previously took part in OLMUN 2022 as a Chair of SOCHUM.

As his Deputy, the Inner Circle has elected Anna Siebels. She has participated as a Delegate as well as Chair of UN-Women in 2022. Therefore, she has a lot of experience regarding the procedures in committees during the week.

The last member of the team is Treasurer Marleen Schmidt. She has been responsible for coordinating the Housing Programme for three years, taking responsibility and proving her ability to maintain an overview of her tasks at all time.

Combined as a team, the new secretariat has excellent knowledge and the needed experience to take over the responsibility of organizing the next OLMUN.

Fortunately, it is once again possible to hold the in person conference and the Secretariat is already in contact with many school from abroad, who travel to Oldenburg to take part in the OLMUN 2023.

Lastly, the secretariat wants to warmly welcome all new students, who have joined the Inner Circle this year and hopes to encourage students, who wish to help organize the conference to join the Inner Circle or to participate as a delegate or staff to get to know the OLMUN.


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