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Our World At A Turning Point - Breaking Old Patterns

Updated: May 4

In the year 1945, 50 countries met in San Francisco in order to declare the UN-Charta. Struck by the impressions of two fatal world wars and the willingness of mankind to deny humans their dignity and worth, these countries decided to guarantee peaceful political gathering. The "never again" mentality united, at least subconsciously, governments and broke historical, ideological and cultural barriers. This led to common-knowledge declarations like the protection of human dignity and the quality of countries and sexes. Whether this statement truly came to fruition is a matter full of doubts.

For one year now, there is war in Europe and sadly, this is only one of many obstacles we have to overcome world wide. What happened to the dedication to making sure that future generations do not experience wars? Did it vanish? How ought we react to a war where atomic weapons are involved? More crises are arising. Misogyny, racism, religious violence. An international co-operative world seems to be an utopia and our lifesaving ideal simultaneously. We are at a turning point. It is up to us to break these patterns of oppression and exploitation and to not accept them as our status quo - in the present and in the future.

We live under difficult circumstances. However, avoiding them will be a fatal mistake. While dangerously strong national pride is threatening to overtake the world once again, we cannot afford to stay apathetic. We cannot afford to be quiet. Even though standards of living, the future and the pride of upcoming generations are at stake, there is still hope. Humans do change. Politics do change. Might it be the most demanding journey we will have to take. All classes, all religions, all races, all sexes, all countries and all boxes humans like to put themselves into. We are responsible for one another because it is this earth we all live in and to a certain degree that is why we share our fate and our demise. It is a frightening situation.

Some politicians underestimate the importance of us - the youth. Who are we to judge? We are to judge because we have to live in a world we did not create. We will have to overcome obstacles in the future and we are the ones who ought to use our political voice. The future will reach us. It will reach us all. Do we manage to take that challenge as one? As a united world?

In a few hours the opening ceremony will begin and with that four days of exciting debates. But isn’t there something more to the OLMUN than the committee sessions and evening activities? Not just an opinion but rather a core value and a mindset which will make a difference, when getting remembered. I would say: Keep in touch. Find the determination of the UN-Members to tear down mental barriers - even if they seem insignificant. Get to know the unknown. Make friends. . Outside of committee sessions: Tell others about yourself and listen while other students tell you their story. Maybe we all can find a piece of us in places we didn't know before. A friendship without prejudices. A relationship with dignity and respect. Doesn't that sound political?

So, let us talk. Let us keep in touch and let us be united in the conviction of common good for everyone.

Let the debating begin.

Let the OLMUN 2023 begin.

by Birger Hornbostel


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