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Volleyball & Games

Updated: Jun 6

The first successful day of committee sessions ended with a gathering at the Weser-Ems-Halle. After speeches, lobbying, and debates, several participants used the evening to relax and deepen their newly formed connections.

As the volleyball net was set up on the field, enthusiastic players formed teams, ready to engage in friendly competition. The games were intense but fun; filled with laughter, cheers, and impressive spikes.

Meanwhile, other groups began to play spirited soccer matches. The teams raced across the field, showcasing their dribbling skills and teamwork.

In the background, music was playing, creating a lively atmosphere. Some participants sat on the floor or stood in small groups, talking and dancing.

Moreover, the evening was accompanied by a beautiful sunset. The evening of sports and games not only provided great exercise, but also strengthened community bonds, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next day - filled with committee work - and the OLMUN party.

by Mijo Snitko, Franziska Fismer


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