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Welcome to OLMUN 2024!

Hello everyone, our names are Jannika and Ash and we're this year's press officers. We're really excited to cover OLMUN 2024 for the Daily Diplomat, our daily newspaper.

Ash and I already have some experience with the event, having been delegates in previous years. We're looking forward to taking on the role of creating the Daily Diplomat for you.

Together with our Journalist Staff, who will be writing the articles and all the others aiding us in putting together the Daily Diplomat, we are looking forward to keeping all of you informed about all the latest news of OLMUN.

We hope that the newspapers will keep you informed about all the committee sessions and debates happening this week, while also providing entertainment and all the essential information for the week ahead.

We’re wishing all of you a great start into OLMUN 2024 and hope you’ll have the the best of times during all the committee sessions, as well as during all the other activities surrounding the conference.

Have a great week!


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